Vicky Blacker



At 18 months old, Vicky started singing.  At some point she also began speaking.  We know this because she does both beautifully and enthusiastically to this day.

Tragically, a 12-year-old Vicky endured the unthinkable: her Mom passed away.  Picking up the pieces, Vicky–now 15–auditioned and was accepted at the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts.  She studied classical music, worked with Aaron Copeland and the NCSA band, and members of The NY Metropolitan Opera, as well as with many other talented individuals and groups.  Degree in hand, Vicky moved back to the Baltimore area and joined the seminal band Trilogy, followed by stints with The Columbia Big Band, Doug Arthur, Nashville songwriter Charles Silver, and the 10-piece funk group Baltimore.  Around this time, Vicky met current Jangle partner Steve Rosch, who fell completely in love with Vicky’s gorgeous soprano voice.  In fact so much so, that he immediately wrote a song that would capture the nuances of her lovely tone and formidable range.  Now, Vicky became an important member of the studio vocal group Steve was putting together.  She performed radio and TV jingles and also supported artists he was producing for the next decade.  Additionally, she  landed as a featured performer with the acclaimed society band Confection, where she met and sang with Tom McDuffee, another current Janglebachs member.  Performances with Freddie Stevens, local jazz artist Barry Gurley, Pure Gold, VIKKI & The Hitz, and The Vicky and Steve Duo followed. 

In 2009, Vicky got another call from friend and collaborator Steve Rosch.  JANGLEBACHS was expanding its roster and wanted to include her to interpret the classic female vocal performances of the 1960s.  As Vicky explains, “I was interested in joining a group whose harmonies, authenticity, integrity and commitment to excellence were demonstrable, I have found all that and more with JANGLEBACHS

The group is thrilled that Vicky has been inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame for a lifetime of contributions to the regional music scene.